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Why Buy a Kit Home?

What is a Kit Home and Why Would You Buy One? 

It is recognised in the Australian residential building market that a Kit Home is a package of materials that, when put together, will allow the house to be at what is called “lock up stage”.

‘Lock Up Stage’ generally means the house can be securely locked so that access to the inside of the house is only available through a locked entrance. In other words: the frames, roof truss system, roof, windows, external walls and external doors are fully fitted.

People buy Kit Home Packages because of the ease of purchase. It takes the hassle and stress out of a large amount of bulk material purchases. It also offers a cost effective solution by bulking the package together. Kit Home Packages should be good value – so make sure you go with a reputable supplier.

Most Kit Home Packages are purchased and built by Owner Builders. The right package will enable you to purchase a large part of the supply in bulk. This saves time, energy and money, and is why Kit Homes are so popular.

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