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Ways to a Successful Kit Home Project

Anyone can Owner Build and the most effective way to Owner Build a house is by using the services of a Kit Home Company.

Ways to a successful Kit Home Project:

  • Research
  • Ask heaps of questions
  • Know what you want
  • Compare all the alternatives
  • Know exactly what is included (and excluded) with the Kit Home you choose.

You will save money if you are well planned, well managed, have good systems and are an active participant in the project management of your building project.

Owner Building is about flexibility and Kit Home Packages should always be flexible to meet the needs of each individual Owner Builder. There are multiple answers to many of the questions that need to be asked when building a Kit Home. The correct answers will vary depending on your circumstances, your location, your goals and your budget. We live in a fantastic country that gives you so many choices – which is great. But with that comes with the challenge of knowing how to make the right choices to ensure you have a successful outcome for your project.

At UBuild Homes you’ll find basic Kit Home Packages of $40,000 for extensions, right through to large Kit Home Packages of $400,000 for mansions. They are available in timber or steel, with flexible delivery schedules or as one delivery. You name it – and UBuild has been able to say “Yes, we can do that”. Take advantage of the UBuild Team’s experience, and give us a call, tell us where you’re at, what you want to achieve, how you want to manage your project, etc. We will only ever steer you in an alternative direction if there is a better, smarter or cheaper way of doing it without taking anything away from your style or the quality of your project outcome.

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