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Owner Building Doesn’t Mean You’re on Your Own

The most common reaction we see when people have just experienced their first flutter of desire to Owner Build, is a droop of the shoulders and a shake of the head. They often give up before they even do a little research. The idea that so many ‘would be Owner Builders’ have is that building your own home must be very hard. And yes, it can be challenging –¬†and even more so if you build it completely on your own.

Being an “Own”-er Builder doesn’t mean you have to do it all on your own. There is so much information and expertise out there you can tap into. That’s the reason you go and chat to a builder. You want to use their skill, knowledge and experience. You see, it’s a smarter move not to look at yourself as an ‘Owner Builder’. You’re better off using others’ skills, and learning how to be a successful Project Manager.

At UBuild Homes we coach you as a Project Manager. And right up to ‘Lock Up Stage’ of your home we can also act as your Assistant Project Manager. So, in fact you are never on your own.

You’ll discover that Project Management is all about:

  • Planning,
  • Following Systems,
  • Allocation of Resources,
  • Budgets, and
  • Time Frames.

Most people have the skills to manage these key components – and that means ‘onwer build’. What they simply need to d it successfully is the entire process packaged in a box – and that’s what UBuild Homes can offer you.