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Step by Step Process with UBuild

25 September 2005
For UBuild Homes,

I decided to become an Owner Builder because I wanted to build a house that would suit my family needs, provide me with a challenging experience and get the most house for my money.

Owner Builder Andrew RockHaving had no experience in the building industry I have found the step by step process that the UBuild package offers to be extremely informative and practical yet flexible enough to meet my individual requirements.

I have found the personalised service that Barry Armstrong offers to be above and beyond my expectation. Barry is patient, can explain things in Layman’s terms and goes out of his way to ensure that the building experience is as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

Having had almost daily contact with Barry, any answers to my questions or the solutions to any problems can be provided as they come up. It is reassuring to me that the person I am liaising with is someone with forty years of local building experience who has seen it all before and has perfected the systems that are used.

Using the UBuild system I am confident that I will be able to complete our house within the time frame I have allowed, to budget and at a price significantly less than what a builder would charge.

Andrew Rock