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Who Builds Your Kit Home?

A Kit Home does not include any labour.

If you are building on a slab then your package will not include the concrete, steel and any other items noted in the engineering drawings for the foundations.

A Kit Home is not actually built for you. It is a package of materials that you, or someone you engage under contract, need to build.

The decision you need to make once you choose your Kit Home is:

  • Do you engage a builder to be the Principal Contractor? or
  • Do you take on the role of the Principal Contractor as an Owner Builder?

If you choose the ‘Builder option’ then you should learn everything you can about contracts and contract management, because the contracts you have with your builder and your Kit Home Supplier will be the most important documents during your project.

If you are the Principal Contractor using an Owner Builder Permit then you need to undergo the right training, and plan everything in detail to ensure your success as the Project Manager. You will be responsible for managing all of the labour and the scheduling of all of the remaining materials that are not included in your Kit Home Package.