Site Costs

Welcome to Lesson 8 of your Ubuild Owner Builder E-course.

The next step in Syntax Owner Building isĀ about Site Costs and Full Budget Estimate

Most Owner Builders blow their budget early because they fail to know what to look for when estimating the costs of construction specific to their site. And we’re also talking about all of those little incidentals and extras that don’t seem like much. Because remember, little ‘extras’ add up.

There are about 20-30 items that will impact on-site costs. Every block of land, big or small, has a challenge. It may not be completely apparent to the naked eye, but it is there. It could be an old sewer line running through a subdivided block in an old part of town. Or maybe it’s that a new power pole needs to be erected because of the distance you want to have your house from the road. The list goes on…

The first thing we do at UBuild Homes (and what every reputable builder should do) is go to your site and conduct an assessment of every possible facet that will impact the costs of construction. Details are recorded and later costed, and then later still scheduled so that they are not missed. Most costs blow out because critical things are missed or constructed incorrectly and later have to be rectified. This is again why the planning process is vital.

Once the site costs are calculated then the physical and quantifiable cost of the entire construction of the house needs to be undertaken by a qualified estimator. Every bag of nails, every brick, appliance and piece of material (and there can be hundreds of different items in each home) and labour has to be specified, quantified and priced.

Failure to undertake these fundamental planning processes is what results in failure to complete a project on budget. If you don’t have a professional and accurate budget to begin with then how can you possibly know what result you are expecting?

If you need any assistance with putting together a full budget estimate simply contact us at UBuild Homes. As always, we’d be delighted to help.