Owner Builder Research and Education

Welcome to Lesson 2 of your Ubuild Owner Builder E-course.

You’ll recall that Lesson 1 highlighted the importance of Syntax Owner Building – putting things in the right order. In this lesson we look at what those things are.

The 10 Critical Steps to Being a Successful Owner Builder

1. Research and Education (informal training)
2. Finance and Budget
3. Concept Design Plan
4. Finding and buying your block of land
5. Owner Builders License (formal training)
6. Construction Plans and Engineering Designs
7. Site Costs and Full Budget Estimate
8. Create a Construction System and Administration System
9. Effectively Manage Your Suppliers and Trades
10. Manage your budget, finances and project actively throughout the entire Project

As you can see, the 10 critical steps lean heavily towards preparation and planning. The main reason for this is that, unfortunately, hindsight is not a luxury an Owner Builder can afford. That is why the decision to be an Owner Builder should never be considered lightly. Undertaking in-depth research and sound education are the first major steps towards a successful project.

So let’s start there: Research and Education.

As you begin your research there are four questions you should answer first. They are:

“Do I build or buy?”
“If I am going to build where will I buy my land?”
“Does my location and type of block have an adverse effect on the cost of construction?”
“Am I going to go with a builder or owner build?”

As your research into Owner Building becomes more in-depth, it is imperative that you focus on clearly understanding the links between land, design and the real cost of residential construction. 90% of people not in the industry grossly underestimate the costs. They can go to alot of trouble and expense, only to have their unrealistic expectations shattered. This is why the research and education process is so important. It will save you time, money and allow you to make informed choices.

You’ll discover that there is plenty of information out there on building a house and professional project management. You’ll find it on the Internet, in books, reports and magazines. Tradespeople and industry professionals are valuable resources, and often more than happy to give a little advice when you’re first starting out. Learn all that you can so you know what to do and how to do it. Now is the time to be sponge-like, absorbing as much information as possible. Be sure to take good notes and index everything that you learn.

If you haven’t read the article ‘Owner Builder Consultations’ at:

please do so now. I cannot recommend highly enough that you take advantage of a complimentary consultation with the UBuild Team as soon as possible. I guarantee it will save you hours in time and money, as well as help you avoid the pitfalls of poor advice. Above all, you want to avoid the pain of fixing unnecessary critical mistakes. This is especially true in the areas of design, drafting or planning. We see examples of this almost daily from Owner Builders who we didn’t get to meet with early enough.

Understanding the Building Regulations and Planning Requirements is also important.

Residential Construction and Owner Building is a regulated industry. Every block of land and building site has challenges, and they may not be obvious to the untrained eye. To know in advance is valuable! Check out some of these sites for relevant information:

NSW Government Regulations

Building Codes


Local Governments

Bush Fire Zone Information:

QLD Government Regulations

Building Codes

Smart Housing

Fire Ants


Local Governments

Bush Fire Protection Information: