Owner Builder Training

Welcome to Lesson 6 of your Ubuild Owner Builder E-course.

The next step in Syntax Owner Building is about Getting the Right Training.

If you have decided that Owner Building is a genuine option for you then now is the time to complete a Registered Owner Builder Course. You must complete this course to get an Owner Builder Permit from your state/territory Building Authority. Once you have your Owner Builder Permit and your Building Application approved then you are in a position to start your project. One of the things the training will do is help you clarify what you want to build and how you will approach it.

The Registered Owner Builder Course should be treated not only as a prerequisite for your permit, but also as an opportunity to learn more about owner Building. Even if you don’t end up Owner Building and you engage a Builder to work for you under contract, this course will still be of significant value to you. The information you gain will help you to manage the relationship with a builder, and get what you want at a fair and reasonable cost. The earlier you do the course, the better. You’ll be able to make informed decisions on moving forward. 

So many people come to us having either just started their project or in the very late planning stages… most already having trouble. And unfortunately, sometimes the problems are just too far gone for us to help. You need to get educated early and we recommend that you take advantage of UBuild and/or other professional service providers. Both education and drawing from the experience of experts can make your job easier and save you a whole load of money. Why else do you think large developers hire professional Project Managers to get their projects completed? Not to mention paying them huge amounts of money to do so? Because it’s worth it in the long run, and the smart developers get the Project Managers involved at the very early planning stages… much the same time as when you should complete your training.

Depending on which state/territory you’re in, a Registered Owner Builder Course is roughly between $100 to $300. There are courses which you can attend and as well as those you can complete via e-learing. Please feel free to contact us about where to go to get the right qualification from the right training provider, for the right price.