Managing Your Building Project

Welcome to Lesson 10 of your Owner Builder’s E-Course.

This lesson highlights the need to actively manage your entire Project.

The minute you take your eye off the ball then you are going to get burnt. Complacency is one of the main contributors to failure in the Owner Building Industry. No matter how well you think your project is travelling always consider the E-Factor.

Basically, there are 4 E-Factors to successful Project Management Decision Making. The first three are:

1. Economical: Is it going to be cost effective?
2. Effective: Is it going to produce the desired outcome?
3. Efficient: Is it the smartest way of doing it?

There is much to learn about each E-Factor, but for brevity’s sake here is the key:

It is possible to make a decision that is based on only one of the E-Factors and ignore the other two – and that part of the process may work for the time being – but later you may suffer the consequences of such a decision. For example, you could implement the cheapest process but it may be neither effective or ultimately efficient. In other words cheap today is not always cheap for tomorrow. For optimum results weigh all three factors equally.

Now for the fourth E-Factor – and it is one that you must make allowance for in every decision, plan and approach you take…

It is the Embuggerisation Factor.

Basically, you can be sure that whatever you plan for, someone will come along and ‘Embuggerise’ it. It’s not a real word, of course, but I’m sure you get the picture. It’s the ‘human factor’. As good as your systems might be, unfortunately, people can let you down. Whether it be through poor attitudes, procrastination, or simply because they’re ‘having a bad day’. Don’t despair however. If you add the Embuggerisation Factor to your system and plan then you will be ready for when it happens. Then you can swing into action with your counter move. Good Project Managers do this every day. And it’s something you need to do as well, as an Owner Builder.

If you need help incorporating the 4 E-Factors into your Project, simply contact us at UBuild.