Managing Suppliers and Trades

Welcome to the next lesson of your Owner Builders E-Course.

This lesson is about effectively managing Suppliers and Tradespeople.

When dealing with Suppliers it is essential that you use detailed descriptions of your material requirements. The less details you provide the more likely something will be incorrectly supplied, and the more likely it will cost you money and time.

Be a driven cost manager. Don’t be afraid to shop around – there is nothing wrong with it. Suppliers see Owner Builders as potential profit targets, but they also consider them difficult to deal with, so they add margin accordingly. If you’re organized and professional you can expect the appropriate pricing in return.

When dealing with tradespeople be firm but fair. You have to learn to be a squeaky wheel and “pester” people to get things done on time. Sounds crazy but if you are too soft then your job will be the last one attended to. If you are too difficult then word will get out amongst the trades so you have to learn how to manage contractors else you will find yourself losing time and money.