Owner Builder Finance and Budget

Welcome to Lesson 3 of your Ubuild Owner Builder E-course.

The next step in Syntax Owner Building is Finance and Budget.

At the risk of stating the obvious, you need to make a very clear determination of how much you are going to spend on your entire project.

You should begin this by deciding how much you will spend on your land (if you don’t have it already) and your construction project separately. The cost of purchasing a block of land is generally easy to figure out because it’s a fixed advertised price. Establishing the cost of building your new home is where the challenges lie. As a novice you may miss many of the hidden costs associated with construction, including finance and holding costs. This oversight is common with nearly 95% of people who turn to us for help.

When planning your finance proposal don’t fall into the trap of assuming that your bank or finance institution will leap at the opportunity to lend to you. Due to the high rate of Owner Builders under-estimating their costing, failing to stay within their budgets and never fully completing their projects, many mainstream lenders are simply not willing to take the risk.

Because Ubuild Homes has consistently helped so many Owner Builders successfully build their homes on time and well within their budgets through strongly documented systematic approaches it puts us in the unique position of giving lenders the confidence they need to provide the right finance for you. Indeed we have very solid working relationships with professional lending providers who specialise in finance for Owner Builders and Kit Homes.

Ubuild Homes can assist you with an independent assessment on whether or not you will be successful in financing your Owner Builder Project, or whether you would need to go through a builders contract. Such valuable advice can save you money, time and heartache in the future.

To find out how to overcome the challenges of getting Owner Builder Finance please visit our Owner Builder Finance Page.