Detailed Construction Plans

Welcome to Lesson 7 of your UBuild Owner Builder E-Course

The next step in Syntax Owner Building is the Detailed Construction Plans and Engineering Designs.

If you’ve followed the Syntax of Owner Building, it is only now that you should be considering your final design. Up until now you should only have been working with a concept.

As part of your research into what you would like in your design, look at other houses and buildings, take photos, go through magazines and get pictures and as much information as possible (including costs).  Details and specifications are your friend. The more vague you are then the further you will be from what you want when you approach your designer to detail the drawings.

This is why it is so desperately important that you follow the previous steps in Syntax Owner Builder before you go out and engage a draftsman or designer to complete detailed construction drawings. Make sure you talk about costs and budgets with your designer. So many times we have seen designers paid thousands of dollars for big fancy plans that will never see a block of land in our lifetime. That’s because there was a break down in communication with regards to costings. And the truth is, it is the fault of the customer, not the designer. The customer simply didn’t communicate their budgetry restraints.

Now, to re-cap on a previous lesson in regards to having your designs put together:

Not all designs or designers are the same. UBuild Homes uses a small select group of drafting services that have consistently provided high quality work at reasonable prices. By not using a quality drafting service you may end up spending too much and be frustrated by the design outcome. It may also be difficult for the trades and suppliers to both quote and build using poor quality plans. We have had plans presented to us that were so poorly drawn that suppliers¬†wouldn’t even quote on the job! But how will you recognise a good set of plans from a poor set of plans? Please contact us at UBuild Homes for help with this.

Another thing to bear in mind too when it comes to budgeting and the plan drawing: If you are thinking of engaging a small, specialist builder for a customized design then expect to pay upwards from $1100 per square metre to as much as… are you sitting down? If not, then you may need to! You can pay as much as $2000 per square metre for the completion of a home. That’s right, the gap in terms of costs can be that great. How that gap exists is anyone’s guess, but it does exist and it is impacted by many variables.

So, follow the guidelines:

  • do your research (including costings)
  • get as clear as possible on what you want you house to include
  • hire a reputable and reasonably priced designer
  • and make sure you discuss costings with your designer.

UBuild Homes can help you achieve all of the above – just drop us an email or give us a call. We’d be delighted to hear from you.