Building Concept Design Plan

Welcome to Lesson 4 of your Ubuild Owner Builder E-course.

The next step in Syntax Owner Building is the Concept Design Plan.

At this stage your probably still leaning towards Owner Building rather than the more common ‘project home builders’. (They’re the ones with display homes all over the major capital cities – and they are also the cheapest option for a stock standard house in a metropolitan area).

Now before you rush off and get your concept plan drawn – or worse still, a full set of construction plans drawn up…

Please Stop! And read this first:

It is vital that you do not get emotionally involved in your “grand design”. If you do you will find yourself wasting thousands of dollars for drafting costs – and thousands more when you go to build it!

The number of times we have customers that come to us with a set of plans that are difficult to quantify, and therefore accurately price, drives us nuts. Not to mention the hair pulling excercise we go through when we ask these poor customers how much they paid for their plans.

The million dollar question is:

Do you know the difference between a high quality set of plans and a poor quality set? (Hint: It isn’t the price! Highest does not mean best in this industry!) It’s sad, but true; at UBuild Homes we have rejected projects on the basis of poor quality construction plans. Because, unfortunately, if you can’t price a project properly then you certainly won’t be able to build it properly. And that means huge cost blowouts – exactly what the trades and suppliers love – and what you and your finance provider will hate!

At UBuild Homes we save our customers thousands of dollars almost every time we assist them in managing this process. We have fully managed, outsourced design services set up to help you. These drafting professionals have been meticulously chosen for their quality of product, service, ability to meet timelines, and most of all, value for money. And because of the power of the Internet you don’t even need to meet with your Draftsman face to face. So it doesn’t matter if you live in Newcastle and your UBuild Draftsman is in Byron Bay, with effective and simple to use software programs like ‘My Virtual’, you’ll get your message across easily.

Please talk to us before you start any drafting process. Indeed, before you begin any engineering services and private certification, chat to us first! Most of the providers for these services have one rate for Owner Builders and a much cheaper rate for builders. We can get you the cheaper rate every time.

Now back to the Concept Plan. Having one put together by a reputable draftsman is a bit like having a soil test done. It’s not expensive, but it will allow people to give you a fair and professional estimate on the cost of your construction.

By working with a drafting service or by doing some research online you can come up with a very basic concept and then work this back into your budget and finance considerations before even looking for a block of land. Remember the importance of the Syntax of Owner Building. Too many do it the wrong way around – they go out and fall in love with a block of land before they have a concept of what style of home they want to design.

If you already have the block of land then it’s wise to come up with a very simple concept plan before moving forward. Owner Builders in this category have successfully built cost effective homes and saved thousands of dollars doing it by starting out with a very simple and basic set of expectations. Know that if you want a big house with the latest in green technology on a difficult site, then it is going to cost you well in excess of your basic project home costs.

When getting your concept design together, follow this golden rule in Owner Building: Drafting a concept plan should cost you as little as $600 – $800 and should take less than a couple of weeks. If it costs more than that or takes longer then look elsewhere. Every time you pay more than you should then you are not getting value and this is the enemy of the Owner Builder right from the start of the process.

Extra Note:

Do you know what the most common reason for legal disputes between builders and owners is? You may be suprised to discover it is seldom a price issue. The most common complaint from a new owner is, “I didn’t expect it to look like that!” The reason most customers take their builder to the tribunal (for either rectification or damages) is because they were unable to picture the finished product in their mind to know exactly what it was going to look like based on their plans.

Want to know how to avoid this problem? Simply contact us or give us a call and we’ll let you know how to get your hands on a copy of a brilliant 3D software package that will create accurate 3D walk-through’s from your concept plans. If you are not using this software then you are not using the best tools available.