Owner Builder Ecourse

Welcome to Lesson 1 of your UBuild Owner Builder E-course.

What Is Syntax Owner Building and How Can It Benefit You as an Owner Builder?

The word Syntax sounds like a complex word; and yet its meaning is really quite simple. It just means the order or sequence of things.

Owner Builders often fuss about getting all the right components for their project, but give little regard to the optimum syntax of those components.

Imagine going to the trouble of buying the best footwear your money can buy and then putting your shoes on before your socks. This syntax may still allow you to walk, but it makes for uncomfortable feet and dirty socks.

When is the best time to do a soil test? Before you buy the property, or after you’ve had the building designs completed?

In a nutshell, Syntax Owner Building is about putting the right components in the right order. It is a systematic, orderly arrangement of your building project. Syntax Owner Building dramatically increases the likelihood that your Owner Builder Project will:

1. be completed on time, and
2. fall well within your allocated budget.

Syntax Owner Building depends upon the right attitude and practical knowledge that really only comes from experience (yours or someone elses).

So as of today, start thinking about not just what needs to be done, but also the order it needs to be done in.

The next Lesson introduces the 10 most critical steps that need to be taken well before the first nail is ever hammered into your new home. We recommend you follow each lesson in sequence.