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Organising Trades People on Your Building Project

You’ll hear us harp on about following step by step processes when building a home. This helps you (and the trades people you hire) to stick to the time-frame and budget.

There are so many ways during both the administration and construction phases where time slips away. And wasted time means wasted dollars.

As we’ve said before, never assume people will do as they say. Follow up frequently to make sure your project is running as close to plan as possible. If a Tradesperson lets you down consider incentives to get them back on track. Never ‘lose it’ with them; a sure-fire way of losing them! Remember we need them. In most economic climates of the future you are going to need them more than they are going to need you. Use the ‘nice pest‘¬†approach and discuss the issue in the right manner.

A way of saving time and sticking to budget is organising your Trades People. Never be afraid to have more than one trade on site at one time, in particular if its internal and external works happening at the same time. For example an electrician and a plumber should be able to work together, however, a plasterer and a water proffer can not. A brickie and a roofer should not. A tiler and a painter does not work either. A carpenter should be on site most of the time and he can work along side most trades.

A well organized job, scheduled and monitored 24/7 will give you a great end result. If you get the mix right you will find trades will accept other trades, providing they are not working on top of each other.

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