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Managing the Delivery of Your Kit Home Package

A Kit Home may or may not have scheduled delivery in stages. This is very important to be aware of. Some Kit Home Companies won’t schedule your materials into sequential deliveries, and this can be a major disadvantage. Obviously, it may cost a little bit more to have your package delivered in stages, but that might be the only way to successfully manage your project.

Think about it for a second:

When you’re talking about your building supplies for your Kit Home – you’re talking about a large amount of valuable materials. You don’t want them laying around in a high traffic area, unsecured, for any length of time. They can be damaged by weather or stolen from your site. They also take up room and clutter a site, potentially making it unsafe for your tradespeople to work.

It’s rare that people have the room and facilities to store ‘yet to be used’ building materials securely and away from the elements. If you have and can manage all of your materials being delivered to site in one package, then sure. If not, then ask your Kit Home Company what can be done to assist you in sequential deliveries. Experience has shown us that having building supplies delivered as you need them contributes to a smoother running construction schedule, avoids confusion over use of materials, and leads to a much more successful outcome.

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