Granny Flats

Frequently Asked Questions about Building a Granny Flat

Here are some of the more common questions with regards to Granny Flats and Secondary Dwellings answered:

1. What are the council requirements for building a Granny Flat?

They vary from state to state and council to council but in NSW the State Government has issued a new State Planning Law that covers a wide range of issues regarding Granny Flats and allows a simpler planning approval process if you wish to build a Granny Flat in a metropolitan area. You’ll find more information as well as a link to download the NSW Government fact sheet on Granny Flats at The Granny Flat Makes a Come Back.

As a rule of thumb you should consider a Granny Flat Dwelling to be no more than 60m2 of living area with 12m2 of external verandah/patio area. If you have a rural block (more than 2000m2) then the rules may differ according to the council. UBuild Homes have access to a number of high quality professional consultants who can assist you with the right outcome based on your goals, budget and aspirations. 

2. Are your Granny Flats delivered in a completed form?

No, we do not provide “modular”, “pre-fabricated” or “manufactured” Granny Flat dwellings. We provide kit home packages to suit any situation; either free standing dwellings or extensions to existing homes. We then recommend that you owner build the kit home by arranging and managing the relevant trades to erect and finish the dwelling using the kit provided. We can provide you with a system and service to assist you as an owner builder to manage this successfully and with low risk. That’s our specialty: Helping Owner Builders have successful outcomes. Alternatively we can assist you to find a suitable builder to complete the project for you.

3. Can I engage a builder to build one of your Granny Flat Kits?

Yes. However be sure to negotiate well on price. Building a standard Granny Flat is not a difficult project in most cases. In addition we are delivering all the materials to site for you in a kit. All the builder has to do is schedule the trades and ensure the work is completed on time and to a good standard. You may want to consider simply paying the builder a management fee under contract and then paying all the bills direct to the trades and suppliers, etc. Have a chat to us about this and we can help you work this out. It could be a good outcome for your Granny Flat Project.

4. Where can you deliver your Granny Flat Kit Home Packages?

Literally anywhere in Australia. We are not beholden to a specific manufacturer like most kit home companies. That means we can source our kit home products through national companies at locations close to you and save you on freight costs. Our goal is to provide you with a high quality Granny Flat Kit Package at a price that is the best we can find in Australia.

5. Do I pay extra for freight on top of the cost of the Granny Flat?

Yes. There will still be a freight cost for your Granny Flat Kit Package but because of the system we use, as described in the previous question, we will keep this cost to a minimum. Be sure to ask this question of anyone you might consider dealing with. Get a full quote for everything, including freight.

6. I have to have wheelchair access to my Granny Flat. Can you facilitate this?

Yes. This would need to be a modification undertaken at the design stage but by working with you we can facilitate just about any modification or customisation. Or we can help you design exactly what you need for your situation.

7. How many Granny Flat designs do you have?

We have several basic small designs. However it is very easy for us to modify or tailor a kit home design to suit your specific needs.

8. What are the extra costs that I will need to cover apart from the cost of the kit home package?

These will vary because of your labour content and any additional inclusions or modifications that you specify.
We can help you work out a complete budget with every package that will give you an accurate assessment of
the entire cost of your granny flat project, not just our package price.

9. Why is it an advantage to me to have a Granny Flat on my property?

In Australia the name ‘Granny Flat’ has become an all encompassing description of any additional dwelling
on your property that you intend to use for someone else to live in. Traditionally the name “Granny Flat” was
used to describe a seperate dwelling that you might build so that your elderly parents/parent might be able to
have a comfortable home nearby. Often these were converted from garages that were seperate to the house.

Today a Granny Flat can and should be considered as a means for you to improve the value of your property as an investment that earns rental income. This can be done in a number of ways. An extension to an existing home, or a seperate dwelling are the two Granny Flat options available. The extension could be an upstairs addition even.

Another major advantage of building a Granny Flat is to accomodate older children in the family home. These days many teenagers live at home well into their early twenties and this can be a cause of stress for many families. Young people now have a huge hurdle to overcome due to the lack of affordable housing. Parents want to have their children nearby but also want the balance of having their own space. The perfect solution is a Granny Flat.
A property’s resale value is increased with a Granny Flat because to an investor it then represents two sources of income from the same property.


Once again we want to stress that we do not believe that one size fits all. The most cost effective way to build a Granny Flat is to choose a standard kit package and owner build. But that might not be the way you want to go or you may have specific challenges because of your building site.

You will have your own special requirements, your own specific questions and your own idea of what you want to accomplish. If there is a simple solution to meeting those needs then we will certainly find it for you. If we have to modify, customise or tailor a solution to suit your plans and goals then please be assured we will do so in the most effective, efficient and economical way that we can.

We look forward to assisting you with your granny flat project. Just give us a call.