Building Materials

1. Do all Kit Home Companies deliver all the materials at one time in one delivery?

Most Kit Home providers only have one of two deliveries. This means frames, trusses, fascias/gutters, etc., external cladding, windows, roofing and insulation, flooring, general hardware, eave materials and ancillaries have to be stored on site for long periods of time, exposed to theft and the elements. And if some products (like windows, etc.) are not covered irreperable damage can take place.

UBuild Homes only deliver the required materials to suit your building schedule. Just to lock up we may have six different deliveries, spaced out to suit construction and your trade needs. This makes it more convenient for the trades not having a cluttered site and dealing with high risk Occupational Health and Safety issues.

2. Can I specify a particular brand of product to be used in my kit home package?

With UBuild Homes you most certainly can and because of our buying power we can usually source it alot cheaper than you would otherwise. Some Kit Home Companies own their own supply companies so it makes them very inflexible. What ever you want we can get. Just remember that it will be priced into your Kit Home Package and if you are using one of our standard packages then there could be a slight cost increase over the standard building product that we use.

3. Can I have a steel frame as part of my Kit Home Package?

Yes you can. Once again not all Kit Home Companies are able to do this. They are usually a steel frame company or a timber frame company. Before you choose which frame, you should consult with an expert in building. Both steel and timber frames have strengths and weaknesses. At UBuild Homes we are not biased. We will include whichever frame type you choose for your Kit Home Package, but before we do we want to ensure that you know what those strengths and weaknesses are. Better to be educated and informed before making the big decisions.

4. What about all the other building materials that I need to source that are not included in my Kit Home Package?

UBuild Homes set up a service called “Send Us Your Quote” to address this constant concern for Owner Builders. You see the Kit Home Package only contains materials to lock up stage. Pretty standard. There however many, many other materials that you will need to source and some of these are very costly.

UBuild Homes was developed from a long standing Residential Construction Company. We have national accounts and local accounts with many suppliers and we can source a large variety of materials at a cost you, as an Owner Builder, could never dream of being able to access.

The “Send Us Your Quote” service has saved UBuild Homes customers thousands and thousands of dollars above and beyond the savings on their Kit Home Package. It’s worth checking out.