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Construction Manuals for Your Kit Home Package

An indepth Construction Manual for your Kit Home is a vital part of the package. Building a house is not like building with meccano or leggo! Building a house successfully and cost effectively requires you to follow a well planned system, and one that directly relates to the house you are building.

It’s frustrating and confusing for an Owner Builder when ‘standardised’ Kit Home Packages supply a Construction Manual that spans several Kit Homes expecting the Owner Builder to know how and when to adjust between each. The irony is that the suppliers of such packages produceĀ  marketing material that raves about how easy it is to build a house!

If your Kit Home simply comes with a few pages of instructions then you need to get advice from someone experienced in the industry, and become obsessed with planning and communication with your trades for a successful outcome.

The best strategy is to find out how detailed the Construction Manual is and make that part of your buying decision when choosing the best Kit Home for you.

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