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Choosing a Kit Home to Suit Your Foundation

The foundation of your building project needs to be taken into account when choosing the right Kit Home. Some flooring systems need to be included in the Kit Home Package.

Are you building on a concrete slab or are you building off the natural ground on an elevated flooring system? Building on a concrete slab suits most Kit Homes specifications.

If you are building off the ground, on bearers and joists floor for example, then you need to make sure the Kit Home Supplier provides the floor system with the kit. Some will, some won’t. You need to be 110% certain of this, because if you don’t get the floor system supplied by the Kit Home company then you must have these materials on site at the outset so your carpenters can commence work. Otherwise you’ll just lose money and time – and quite possibly your Carpenters! Also be aware there will obviously be an additional cost for the flooring system, so remember to budget this in.

Some Kit Home Suppliers will create a specification to meet your unique needs. Others will not, so be sure to ask.

Some suppliers specialise in steel only, some in timber, and some will quite happily provide either.

Remember that steel will always be more expensive to buy and to build. So if you are choosing steel and you are on a tight budget then know every single cost pertaining to your project before you start out.

Another helpful hint is that Kit Home Companies should provide you with a service that guarantees the quantity of materials is correct to complete your house to lock up stage. If there is anything that is short then they should provide this at no cost.

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