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Owner Building Made Easy

“Dear Barry,

Thank you for the opportunity to build a home with UBuild Homes.

I would like to express my appreciation to you and your company for the help and the ease of building our house.

It took 9 months to build from the plans being approved and moving the first spot of soil, to the carpet being laid and ready for my family to move in.

The greatest thing I liked with the whole process was the process, from my husband doing the owner builder licence to how UBuild organised the drafting of the plans, and council applications, to the ordering and the delivering of all the materials up to lock up stage. Even the budget and all the quotes were ready before council applications.

So all we had to do was organise the tradesman to come.

I would recommend anyone and everyone use the UBuild System because the hardest part about the whole system was actually moving into our house. And if my husband had let me get a removalist it would have been no trouble at all!”

Jason and Kylie Tarleton
Orange NSW

Successful Building Project

“To Whom It May Concern,

When my wife and I decided to have a house built we were dismayed at the prices quoted. Labour and materials prices have soared alongside land prices in the Whitsundays, so we were reluctantly looking to downsize.

My father, a retired carpenter, lives near Port Macquarie and suggested we talk to Barry at UBuild Homes. We did and his facts and figures stacked up, with a saving of about 30 percent on our lowest builders quote, so we went ahead with UBuild and became Owner Builders.

The only problems we encountered during the eight month build were minor and easily solved and although distance complicated communications occasionally, Barry was always available for advice and sorting out deliveries, and for any other help that we needed.

The UBuild system, with its timelines and ordering processes made everything run incredibly smoothly as well as gaining better than trade discounts with some suppliers. Often suppliers (and tradesmen) are reluctant to get involved with Owner Builders, but our main local hardware supplier said to us that if all the local builders had such efficient order systems it would drop their workload by 25 per cent.

From the day we started work the tradesmen were also impressed, saying it was more
professionally managed than some of the major construction sites and we had extremely smooth and friendly relations with every team who worked on the house.

It has been a lot of hard work over the eight months, with me doing all the concreting and labouring and helping out with all the carpentry. Also it was difficult as my wife had to manage all the paperwork whilst we lived in a caravan on site. Although I still haven’t painted the eaves and put a final coat on the front doors we are living in a beautiful, modern, supremely comfortable home; thanks to Barry Armstrong and UBuild Homes.

We recommend UBuild Homes to anyone thinking of building a home. Even without experience in the trades, the UBuild system enables anyone with any management and organisational skills to save money on the cost of having a home built as well as gaining the immense satisfaction from the process.

Yours Sincerely,
Jeff Brown and Barbara Russell, Airlie Beach Qld”
October 2007

We Love Positive Feedback

“To UBuild Homes,

This is our first owner builder home, and we have been very happy with the Ubuild system. It allowed us to be very involved in choosing contractors and materials, to get competitive prices, and we are pleased to say we came through well under budget.

There were a few hiccups along the way, mainly with the frame, but Barry was always on hand 24/7 to help with any problems or questions that we had.

The step-by-step guide was thorough and easy to follow. The timeframe was excellent and we managed to complete our home within 16 weeks. 

Thanks Barry, and we would highly recommend using Ubuild. ”

Trevor & Christine Blackhall

Thanks Trevor and Christine it was an absolute delight to have the opportunity to work with you both.

To Do the Undoable

11th April 2007

Having a need to renovate our house to accommodate an aging mother we had several builders have a look at the job.

Owner Builders Ted and IreneBig problems were found, such as the house would have to be partially dismantled with machinery, the plumbing would have to be completely redone; we would have to vacate and store the furniture. The cost, just for the preparation work, was astronomical, then the building cost just made the concept undoable.

Then one day, in the gutter was a pamphlet: UBuild Homes explaining, as an owner builder, I would be in control. We signed up with Barry Armstrong and I became an owner builder.

With Barry’s experience as a builder and the practical application with the job and experienced confident trade’s people to select from the job rolled along very smoothly. My wife and I received many compliments on the work.

The cost was about half of the original quotes from builders, without having to move out and store the furniture and be able to select fixtures and fittings to our liking.

Thanks Barry, we did the undoable.

Ted and Irene