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Kit Homes Help Owner Builders and Builders

Kit Homes Make Life Easier for Owner Builders and Builders. In fact, Kit Homes can make life easier for everyone! At UBuild Homes we even have builders who are buying kit home packages from us because of the saving in time and money over the life of the project.

Help with Kit HomesSo if you are considering Owner Building you have to ask yourself if a kit home package with a proven step by step system is going to add value to your role as the Project Manager.

To understand better what these benefits are you first have to understand the amount of work, time and energy that goes into the specifying, ordering and scheduling of materials for any building project.

Developers and Builders are finding the process very cumbersome and costly so are looking at every opportunity to cost effectively outsource this function. So why don’t Owner Builders do the same? Well, the reason is that Owner Builders think they will get better pricing by shopping around. Sometimes they might, but most often they don’t. In fact most times, unless you are an Owner Builder and you work in the construction industry with access to buying power and trade accounts, you will actually pay much much more.

You see, building supply companies see Owner Builders as a prime profit opportunity. As they don’t provide repeat business they will nearly always pay full retail price for all materials. So when they add it all up the price they pay for a package of materials to lock up stage can often be as much as 20% more than what it would have cost if they had sourced it through a kit home company with a builders licence who has access to trade buying power. 

One developer has identified the value in the UBuild System and Kit Home Package as a complete new way of doing business. He simply outsources all the systems and material construction delivery schedules. UBuild Homes have 45 years experience in residential construction with the past 20 years developing excellent systems from design management construction management in the form of construction work orders, purchase orders, final hand over processes, and account tracking systems.

Many builders are great at building and not so good on the administration side of things. UBuild Homes are currently working with builders all over Australia providing packages of systems, processes and materials to suit the construction needs.

Many builders simply do not have time to do the estimating and quoting accurately and effectively and many Owner Builders simply don’t have the skill or experience. So if UBuild Homes are doing something that builders, developers and finance companies are supporting then why not consider this approach as an Owner Builder. You might be surprised by the outcome.

Owner Builder Consultations – Voluntarily Mandatory

Why does UBuild Homes insist on an indepth consultation with a prospective Owner Builder before offering their services?

Because a consultation with UBuild Homes is the foundation for the Owner Builder’s Project. It basically helps to answer the most important question:

Do you have what it takes to be a successful Owner Builder?

During a UBuild Homes Consultation the aspiring Owner Builder will discover what Owner Building entails, and no matter what they decide to do from that point on, they will have a clearer understanding of what they will be required to do, how much effort they will need to put into their project, and how much it is going to cost.

The consultation will also show you just how UBuild Homes can help you achieve a successful outcome. You see, we are not just a Kit Home Supplier. UBuild Homes:

  • provides a planning and design service.
  • is a source for engineering and certification services.
  • provides valuable training (formal and informal)
  • is a systemized project manager.
  • is a friend (this is how our customers often describe us)
  • supplies materials and co-ordinates the supplying of materials.
  • sources reliable and cost-effective trades.
  • is your sounding board for ideas.
  • creates solutions.
  • is always on your side, from the start to the finish.

Something you should understand before becoming an Owner Builder is that you are going to be pretty much out there on your own. And for this reason, if you are not completely educated, organized, disciplined and time committed, or have a partner like UBuild Homes behind you, then you run the risk of being stuck with a project that runs over-time, over-budget and only ever serves to be a dismal reflection of your original goal.

Another frustrating facet to Owner Building is that no one is really going to help you unless there is something in it for them. Sadly, in the building industry, Owner Builders are generally seen as a “pain in the #$%”. Sorry to be blunt – but that’s just the way it is. Most tradesmen and supplies will not actually say this to your face, but it’s blatently obvious in their attitude – and prices! Did you know that the majority of trades and suppliers (from certifiers to concreters, to hardware stores) have prices for builders, trades, DIY guys and then a special retail + price for Owner Builders? They justify this price hike because most Owner Builders fail to plan and research their project sufficiently, and so become “high maintenance”.

Now, there’s no need to throw your hands up in dispair; UBuild Homes Owner Builders are completing satisfying, on-time, on-budget projects every day… Here’s the facts:

Fact: UBuild Homes Customers get their plans drawn cheaper and faster than the average Owner Builder.

Fact: UBuild Homes Customers get their engineers and certification done cheaper and quicker than the average Owner Builder.

Fact: UBuild Homes Customers have a 100% record of completing there projects on time and on budget. If a budget outcome did evergo over, it was always due to a written variation.

How is it that UBuild Homes Customers sail through the Owner Builder Process successfully time after time?

It’s simple. UBuild Homes are builders. Because of our combined experience of over 50 years of active involvement in the industry as a residential construction company UBuild has built up systems and relationships that allow us to make things happen at the right price and in a timely fashion. Put simply: That is what we do. That is what we were trained to do. And that is what UBuild Homes Customers engage us to do.

The downside of all this is that you can’t see these advantages on a web site or within a glossy brochure. You need to see the UBuild systems, benefit from our experience and friendly support, first hand. Only then can we guide you on the first steps to becoming a successful Owner Builder.

We invite you to take advantage of a UBuild Homes Consultation and find out if you’re set up to complete your proposed Owner Builder Project… and enjoy the whole process.

Good Luck and we hope to see you soon.

Why Owner Builders Fail

Here is the unspoken real reason Owner Builders fail and what to do about it. This article may not win friends but it is definitely meant to influence people.

Please allow me to begin with a generalisation.

There are 3 types of people …

1.     Those who know and know they know
2.     Those who do not know but think they know
3.     Those who do not know and know they do not know 

My guess is that one should do their best to learn from the first group, avoid the second group and teach the third.

Unfortunately the stereotypical owner builder belongs to the second group. 

The stereotype

  • is generally an over confident young male (or worse an over confident older man trying to cling to being young)
  • has just enough building skills to be dangerous
  • is too caught up in the ego of the manual aspects of owner building… “a real man builds his house with his own hands
  • does not invest enough time in education, training, planning, project management and systems
  • can’t be told or is not teachable
  • is not willing to get help… “real men go it alone
  • is easily conned because he believes he can’t be
  • does the majority of things in the wrong order
  • whose only real saviour is very deep pockets, or a wife who flat out refuses to literally lose her house by standing around pandering to her husband’s ego.

The ripple effect

  • Mention you’re an owner builder to trade suppliers and the price instantly goes up by 20 to 40%
  • Banks and mainstream lenders are extremely reluctant to provide owner builders with finance
  • The investment in time and money is often grossly under-estimated
  • The majority of owner builders who do not seek professional help either fail or are forced to go massively over budget to succeed
  • Draftsman and architects do rushed plans with critical (often crippling) mistakes that have little regard, if any, for the overall costs of the project
  • Families are left living in a house that is never quite finished and is a complete compromise of what their real dream home should be

The answer:

If you’re going to owner build and truly want to succeed then you simply must do the 3 most important things:

  1. get help
  2. get help, and
  3. get help

One must put their ego behind them and learn to do things in the optimum order. Putting your shoes on and then your socks may still allow you to walk but it makes for uncomfortable feet and dirty socks. Owner building has an optimum order that begins with a lot of tasks that may not be as appealing as the image of the young bronze Aussie male outside hammering nails into timber, but you can be sure that they are far more important for your project’s success.

If you’re willing to listen we’re willing to help.  Please book your Free Owner Builder Consultation today.

Welcome to Owner Builder Advice

Hello and welcome to Owner Builder Advice, a division of UBuild Homes, providing Owner Builders with Kit Home Supplies, Systems and Services.

Over the coming weeks you’ll discover tips, tools and tactics to help your Owner Builder Project run smoothly, efficiently, and within the scheduled time and budget.