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How Star Ratings Affect Your Kit Home Design

Before building your dream home (whether it is a kit home or through a builder) you need to be sure it can be built according to your vision.

Building a home today is different to building a home a year ago, and vastly different to building a home 10 years ago. And it’s almost guaranteed to be different again 10 years from now!

Building Energy Efficient HomesPlanning and Building Approval now takes into account everything from zoning to energy efficiency, and water consumption to building code requirements. The process of achieving a permit now is more taxing. As a potential owner builder you must take note of what you want to achieve and if that requires special provisions.

You can’t just build your dream unless it conforms to the Government’s regulations with regard to Energy Efficiency. Owner Builders now must take great care to ensure a strong understanding of the Energy Efficiency requirements in their state before starting out on the design process.  
By now you have probably heard the term “Star Rating”. Star Ratings are now attached to all sorts of products, from appliances through to housing design. But what does it mean for you if you are considering an owner built kit home?

In simple terms the Star Rating System is a nationally recognised measurement of the energy rating of a particular product. This includes homes. The scale ranges from 1 star to 10 stars. 10 stars is the maximum number you can possibly achieve and to achieve this on a home is quite a challenge.
Different states have different regulations with respect to energy and water efficiency. At the time of writing this article NSW requires all new homes to have a minimum 3.5 Star Rating. To pass through council you only need to have a pass of 35%. In Queensland and Victoria you need to a 5 Star Rating or a pass of 50% to be able to build your dream home.
It is easier to achieve a Star Rating of between 5 and 7 during the design stage without too much extra construction costs being added to your budget. To achieve an even higher rating you can expect the cost of your construction to rise significantly. Every individual home design needs to be individually and independently assessed at the design stage. If it is not then alot of time and expense could very well be wasted. Don’t spend money you don’t have only to find out you are back to square one again.

UBuild Homes supports the design and construction of Energy Efficient Kit Homes by assisting Owner Builders in their quest for better environmental outcomes. UBuild can assist you through the design process to ensure compliance with all your planning requirements, including energy efficiency.