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Be a Nice Pest

Need to get things done in a timely fashion? Such as get a Plan passed through Council? Or get a Supplier to replace damaged goods?

Well, then be a pest – but be a nice one.

Unfortunately, some people who want things done just don’t know the right way to be a pest. That sounds strange, I know, but there is a difference between being a Nice Pest and an Annoying Rash.

Being a Nice Pest is about calling often, enquiring on how the job is progressing, and influencing the person responsible for providing you with a service to do it in a speedy fashion – so they can get rid of you! You’re just nibbling gently at the service provider’s conscience to get the job done. Eventually they will get your file to the top of the list just to make you go away. The trick is to be nice and pester gently and often.

The Annoying Rash approach is aggressive, arrogant or overpowering. If you are a bully you may find yourself being totally ignored and the service you were hoping for might either be well below par or never eventuate at all. But then don’t make the mistake of going to the other extreme. If you are quiet and fail to follow up on what you want, you could be waiting for a very long time. Remember, there is a larger percentage of unreliable and inefficient employees than there are efficient ones.

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