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Help with Kit Homes

Kit Homes Help Owner Builders and Builders

Kit Homes Make Life Easier for Owner Builders and Builders. In fact, Kit Homes can make life easier for everyone! At UBuild Homes …

Owner Builders - The Ansells

Guardian Angels Helping Owner Builders

“When it comes to building a home , what you think you’re getting and what you actually get can often be very different things. As the family home or investment property …

Greens Extension

Owner Building an Extension

“UBuild was an integral part of our owner builder journey – we just couldn’t have done it without UBuild’s assistance. From the planning of our extension right through to lock up …

Taxes May Apply to Granny Flats

Taxes May Apply to Granny Flats

You might remember reading an article about the initiatives of the NSW Government in simplifying the planning laws for Granny Flats. If you haven’t …