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Building Quotes and Services

When Owner Building it is so desperately important that you are certain of what services you need. And the word ‘need’ is not to be used loosely…

The amount of times Owner Builders have paid for services that simply aren’t necessary is tragic. Please, before you approach any service providers, check with us at UBuild Homes. You may discover you don’t even need the service, or that we can get you superior results at a lower cost. That’s why we’re here – to help your Owner Builder experience to be successful and economical.

Another important component to Owner Building is getting accurate quotes for every piece of work or service. Please do this BEFORE you sign any contract or begin a project.  We know of Owner Builders who have instructed professional firms such as drafting, structural engineers, surveyors, Geotechnical engineers and so on to proceed with works without ever so much as an idea of what the costs will be. The job is completed in some cases with lengthy time frames, and when the invoice arrives the Owner Builder’s jaw hits the floor. 

Every little step of the way must be quoted in advance and again get advice on what you require to complete your project.

Recently an Owner Builder came to us for help after he had paid over $2,000 for his plans and a further $3,000 for engineering. The tragedy was that the plans were of a low quality – in particular for what he paid! UBuild Homes could have supplied him with better quality plans for a fraction of the price… and the engineering – he did not even require that service. He could have saved almost $5,000 in just two service areas of Owner Building had he come to us first for advice.

When frames and trusses are being quoted most Owner Builders will not know that most frames and truss plant will not include any structural steel beams in the quote. If this happens the Owner Builder may not even realize these beams are required to erect the house – and your Carpenter will leave the job because these beams are not on-site… simply because nobody advised the Owner Builder that the beams needed to be ordered seperately. In some cases structural steel beams have to be fabricated and this can take some weeks. If this is the case, your Carpenters won’t be prepared to just hang around on your site during that time – they’ll leave and you may not be able to secure their services again for some time.

And you also need to know ‘where to spend’ on services and where you don’t need to.

We have recently refused to do business with a potential client because she did not want to spend money on an accurate set of plans. She had no idea how vital these were. Her own plans were very confusing and Trades will use inaccurate or confusing plans to blame for mistakes during construction, and double charge you to rectify the mistake.