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To Do the Undoable

11th April 2007

Having a need to renovate our house to accommodate an aging mother we had several builders have a look at the job.

Owner Builders Ted and IreneBig problems were found, such as the house would have to be partially dismantled with machinery, the plumbing would have to be completely redone; we would have to vacate and store the furniture. The cost, just for the preparation work, was astronomical, then the building cost just made the concept undoable.

Then one day, in the gutter was a pamphlet: UBuild Homes explaining, as an owner builder, I would be in control. We signed up with Barry Armstrong and I became an owner builder.

With Barry’s experience as a builder and the practical application with the job and experienced confident trade’s people to select from the job rolled along very smoothly. My wife and I received many compliments on the work.

The cost was about half of the original quotes from builders, without having to move out and store the furniture and be able to select fixtures and fittings to our liking.

Thanks Barry, we did the undoable.

Ted and Irene

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